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Intensive Language Training Centre

The internet has a lot of "Experts"

Have you noticed that experts often avoid talking about their "teacher's" qualifications or experience?


Well, some have none. Some have some. Some have some that are unrelated to the "expertise"

So what do I do? 

Proofreading, Editing, Exam Preparation, Interview Preparation, English Skills, EAL, EFL, EAP, ESP, Gamification, and Course Design

I train people

I'm good at it

Cheers and have a nice day



Simon's Brief Bio

Double major in Linguistics, University of Melbourne including Advanced Syntax Theory, Advanced Phonology Theory, and Sociolinguistics. Sub Majors in Economics, Japanese and Chinese. Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies. Monash University and Nanjing Normal University. Graduate Diploma in Education. (Secondary Humanities) Methods in TESOL, LOTE and Social Education. Certificate 4 in Small Business Management. Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment. Aquatic Facitility Operator's Certificate (Technical) ALI. 

Experience in almost every configuration of both Australian and Chinese secondary schools. University, TAFE, and RTO ELICOS and Migrant Education Experience including several as a Coordinator and one as a TAFE Director of Studies. Former IELPR examiner. Former IELTS examiner

Experience in every sub-genre of English including Business English, English for Academic Purposes, Medical English, Aviation English, English for Special Pruposes, Secondary English, and Exam Preparation. 

Areas of professional interest include Writing, Gamification Methods, Course Design, Comparative Curriculum, Puppetry, 3DVLEs and Accelerated Learning Methods